Corrected Plots for Filtered Data and Phases for the 1850 to 2015 Data and the 1750 to 2015 Data

When I filtered the sunspot and temperature data, I used a bandwidth of 257 months rather than 129 months.  The corrected plots are below. filtered correctly

Once again, the sunspot data is the mean of the daily sunspot numbers over each month from the Royal Observatory in Belgium and the temperature anomaly data is from Berkeley Earth and is the land and ocean series.

Here are the plots for the new Belgian series and the Berkeley Earth temperature anomaly series for land data, which goes back to 1750.

The contrast between the two sets of series may be because the temperature anomaly data in the first set is land and ocean data, while the temperature data in the second – longer – set is just land data.  The radiation from the ocean is much more uniform than the radiation from  land.  Also, I do not think we are certain that the observed fluctuation in the solar radiation which has been seen to follow the sunspot cycle during the time that we have had satellite measurements – since 1978 I believe – actually followed sunspot numbers closely over the past.

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